Hey guys, I just want to say thank you for stopping by again 🙂

So I’ve recently received this Tumeric Mask from @Sheabynaeand I must say this mask is amazing so far. (No worries, I’ll be doing an updated blog post.)

The packaging of the product and size is 10/10.

The mask can last at least for a few months depending on how many times you mask. ??‍♀️

Now for many of you who don’t really know i’ve been suffering with acne for 9+ years. Its been a roller coaster trying so many masks & other acne products and none of them worked.

I am currently masking with this tumeric mask and so far its great! Also i’ve been testing this mask out with other products and i’m excited to see the final results…

Directions: Mix the mask with water. Do not mix this mask with any metal utensils. Apply mask be on the main areas of concern first then proceed to all over face. This mask should not completely dry it should be semi dry. Sit for 10 minutes or less.  Remove with warm water in circular motions. 
Apply your favourite moisturizer.

Look out for an updated blog post coming soon with my new tumeric mask and my other skin care regimen products.?

To purchase this great tumeric mask and to try out other wonderful products such as her bath butters, body oil, & much more…

Visit Tumeric Mask

Price $10.00