Welcome Back Guys!

Today I’m excited to share with you all what I’ve paired together for a brunch outing with one of my friends last weekend.

I was aiming for something very stylish yet very comfy. I’m not really a heels type of girl but whenever you do see me strutting around just know this is a very serious event. Lol.

Let’s Get Started…

Lets start with this gorgeous vibrant blouse. — You would not believe this, I’ve had this top for over 8 years now and honestly, this was my first time ever wearing it. [ I know you must be like well damnnn girl you been the same size for over 8 years ? ] I’m guilty! I’ve been a small in tops since I’ve known myself. This blouse was purchased in back in Jamaica when I use to reside there. Lol Now for my fellow Jamaican’s tuning into my blog I literally copped this beautiful printed blouse from Hurry Hurry at Bogue?

Yes! Hurry Hurry mi seh


Blouse – Sinclair’s Bargin Center (Jamaica)

Jeans – Ross

Purse- Ross

Wedges- Jessica Simpson ‘Out of Season’


Bracelets- CLICK HERE         Coupon Code “TIVBLOG876”

Earrings- Pearl

Shades- Mobile Vendor