Last month I took a trip to Atlanta. While I was in flight, I looked out and saw this amazing sight. Omg! this was the first i’ve ever taken out my phone to capture a picture like this.

I thought to myself why am I finding this amusing? It took me nearly 10 mins to finally capture this perfect picture without it becoming blurry. Then I begun to think, how grateful I was to witness this amazing view that God created. Never in my years of flying I’ve ever appreciated the view much less the clouds that i’ve been through.

To some its just the clouds. Bleh, ok! But to me it was more than just that. It was the opportunity that I got to witness this setting at that very moment above the clouds.

Moral: Don’t ever take things for granted. Appreciate everyone and every opportunity you come across. Not many have the chance as you do to appreciate certain things.

Millions of persons have never been above the clouds.

If you happen to be one of the millions reading this blog post. Whenever you get a chance capture a photo as a memory for yourself and this post.