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Honestly i’ve always had bad energy around me every since I was a kid. Never understood why or how to get rid of that energy. I mean come on, what kid would come up with how to remove bad energy without getting in trouble?

During my years of high school i’ve developed a voice that i’ve never had. I became more confident in myself and trusting the process. I would find myself surrounded with a lot of beauties whether family or friends, but you know you always have/had that 1 person or even a few that would always when I say always. Always walk, talk, sleep & eat with bad energy. Basically their whole life is just bad energy.

As I got older I’ve realized what I wanted & who I wanted to be around. I am always a positive person, but nothing hurts me more than having a loved one keep pulling or pushing me down.

“Oh you will never pass your exams” “Oh thats not cute” “You shouldn’t talk to him” “I wouldnt go if I were you” – They say.

I mean nothing positive comes from these love ones. So I had to pull back for a minute, started to think are these people just miserable, lost, or just hateful?!

Those are just haters who were always miserable with their lives and did not know how to cleanse themselves. So therefore, they don’t want to see the best for you so they try to keep you stagnant on their level.

I am never the one to settle!

Fast forward in my 20’s i’ve finally figured out a solution to eliminate all negative energy from my life.

My solutions are:
⇢First, removing the person(s) mentally. You have to start this process with your mind. You have to control your mind.
⇢Second, removing physical objects from your space. You have to clear your space. You have to have a clear space to think or even work straight.
⇢Third, you have to set your boundaries. Without boundaries persons will take advantage of you. Persons taking advantage of you should never be allowed.
⇢Fourth, you have to let that person(s) know exactly where you stand. If you don’t set any standards or boundaries then person(s) would not learn to respect you or your space. Last, now you’ve started the healing process… This is the time you need to start getting to know yourself. Recognizing what is it that you really want out of life, how to find your niche and understanding the reason(s) as to why you made the decision(s) of eliminating negative energy and how it has impacted your life.

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