Happy New Year!

I’m so geeked to share with ya’ll my new favorite family hang out spot. So last night I decided to vlog pieces of my experience at a new spot in Naperville (Vlog coming soon). Last night I took my family out just to blow off a little steam and get to relax because girrrlll this holiday season has been a whole work out. From shopping-clients-cooking-entertaining company…. Sigh yeah you get it.

Anyhow I would love to introduce to you my new spot ‘Main Event,’ a gaming lounge. Let me tell you why:

  • The prices. Yes I said it I’m all for saving yet enjoying myself. You definitely get better group rates. I was shocked when I saw that I paid $20.00 per person for 3 activities that were unlimited. (Bowling, Gravity ropes, and Laser tag) a few games could be played in the arcade section without a play card.
  • The space is much cleaner and airy. I mean who likes to walk into a filthy gaming room or dining area.
  • Customer service agents that assisted me were trained properly & did their best to explain the entire process & not to mention answer all my questions clearly.
  • All the gaming rooms were clean. (I’d say they could work on the eating area in the bowling area, meaning to wipe down tables frequently.) Love the fact that they have long lounge chairs in the bowling area for groups to dine while playing. 
    I was pretty much shocked to see how relaxing & updated the dining area was in the bowling area. I’ve been to plenty bowling places and boyyyyyyyy. Ok I wouldn’t start. Lol.
  • Parking was convenient. Didn’t have an issue trying to find a convenient spot.

Food: Now I didn’t purchase any food last night but from what I smelt it was very tempting. They do have a bar that not only serves soda but liquor as well. Yummy! (Next visit I’ll definitely give it a try and update this blog post)

  • Laser tag equipments were clean and well maintained. The area was very spacious but I wished the timing for the game was much longer than 10 mins. I swear that 10 mins felt like 5 mins. Everyone was like WHAAATT!
  • I found it alarming that in the bowling area they have sensors on the floor so you can get a “F” which stands for Foul if you cross the line in your lane. Lol I’ve never seen that in a bowling area, but the more updated the better right.
  • The overall parking lot was clean and well maintainedNow would you EAT. BOWL.PLAY. at the Main Event? Since you got a taste of my experience. Would you visit? or If you have already visited I’d love to know your experiences below.