Hey Glam Dolls & Gents!


Mandy S, is a professional makeup artist currently servicing IL & IN area. She always had a special attachment for beauty. It started with hair and then went from 0-100 really quick. From ever since she was a little girl & was capable of using a hairbrush and comb she would create new hairstyles on others and herself. Throughout high school, creating hairstyles and completing manicures and pedicures was an extra resource on the side. After Mandy graduated high school, she decided that she had wanted to attend a cosmetology school (NSC) in Montego Bay to gain more experience and knowledge in that field. While enrolled, Mandy discovered that styling hair was no longer for her.

Makeup became a new passion of Mandy while enlisted in cosmetology school. After graduating and becoming a certified cosmetologist Mandy branched off to invest in the makeup side of beauty. Her passion has tremendously evolved during her discovery and addiction for makeup. She wanted it all!

The human face is an exclusive canvas that is used to express Mandy’s gift.

Mandy’s portfolio will expose pieces that range from commercial, editorial, high fashion photo-shoots, weddings, prom and much more. She specializes mostly in enhancing ones’ facial structure and glowing of ones’ skin. Trends are not a focus of Mandy because what works for others might not work for you.

Embracing every job opportunity along a clear panorama is Mandy’s number one goal. Mandy is a prolific artist, an experienced professional and a phenomenal achiever who takes gratification in all her work to another level